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Luana + Emanuele, 8th july 2017 Real Wedding

25 Jul 2017 / in Events, News, Wedding

Luana and Emanuele, a gorgeous, well-matched and loving couple. It was great to share this important day with them and have had the opportunity to shoot it in the wonder of a July sunset by the sea. Good vision, here’s a preview of this exciting day … Luana + Emanuele

Roberta + Gianluca, 4th june 2017 Real Wedding

01 Jul 2017 / in Events, News, Wedding

The wedding of Roberta and Gianluca was a very special day, so much empathy and real emotions. A brilliant couple with fun and accomplices guests… it was great to be able to tell this new story and have been part of it. A wonderful sunny day and a wonderful mix of locations … and here’s [...]

Valentina + Roberto, 27th may 2017 Real Wedding

30 Jun 2017 / in Events, News, Wedding

The story of Valentina and Roberto is an intimate and delicate tale, an accomplice love. The sunset at the foot of Lake Trevignano and a dream location gave birth to an unforgettable day. Follow some pictures of this new young couple … Valentina + Roberto

(Italiano) Francesco + Manuela + Giulia Maternità 9° mese

28 Jun 2017 / in Maternity, News, Portraits

Maternity Portrait session Giulia…9th month Francesco + Manuela

25th Anniversary di Matrimonio – Sonia + Michele, 21 maggio 2017

25 Jun 2017 / in Events, News, Wedding

Here’s another beautiful story, this time we talk about Sonia and Michele, a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with joy and freshness. An elegant and unique wedding, spent between ancient Rome and the Appian Way at sunset … suggestive and fun. Here follow some images. Sonia + Michele

Diana + Domenico 20 maggio 2017 Real Wedding

20 Jun 2017 / in News, Wedding

Diana e Domenico with their little princess Desiree, They let us live a beautiful day full of emotions and much fun. Their was a unique and intimate wedding and I’m glad to tell you so much love through a selection of the pictures of their wedding day. Diana + Domenico

Michele Bravi live at Castel Romano Outlet

18 Jun 2017 / in Events, News

Michele Bravi live at Castel Romano Outlet

Soul System Live at Castel Romano Outlet

17 Jun 2017 / in Events, News

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Arianna + Daniele 13 maggio 2017 Real Wedding

12 Jun 2017 / in News, Wedding

This wedding season couldn’t begin better…Arianna and Daniele got married on 13th may in a beautiful location in Rome: Castello della Castelluccia. People, the amazing venue and the almost magical sunlight were the ingredients of this fabulous wedding. Colors were really unique on their day and that magical light has painted their Love and their [...]

Francesco + Manuela + Giulia Maternity session 8° month

10 May 2017 / in Maternity, Portraits

Maternity Portrait session Giulia…8th month Francesco + Manuela