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Portrait, Alessandra Berton

06 Dec 2016 / in Portraits

Portrait Session Actress: Alessandra Berton

Portrait, Valeria Spada

01 Dec 2016 / in Portraits

Portrait Session Actress: Valeri Spada

Serena + Daniele 23 ottobre 2016 Real Wedding

03 Nov 2016 / in Wedding

Another marriage another story who smells of heat, yellow, earth, autumn. Serena and Daniel take us us with magic in the new season and remind us of the wonder of nature in October. An intense day, with a strong emotional content and full of colours and of enchanted atmosphere. Serena + Daniele

Francesca + Gianfranco 2 september 2016 Real Wedding

12 Oct 2016 / in Wedding

Another love, another story to tell … a young marriage, fun and exciting that of Francesca and Gianfranco. A memorable sunset over the lake of Castel Gandolfo colored this new love dream, giving us a magic atmosphere. Good vision… Francesca + Gianfranco

Beatrice + Giorgio 16 luglio 2016 Real Wedding

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20 Sep 2016 / in Wedding

An elegant wedding this one of Beatrice and Giorgio, rich of emotions. It was a pleasure for me telling their history through photos; a young new family with a beautiful son…images describe the deep tenderness that this couple gave us and it was really exciting to be part of this great day. Beatrice + Giorgio

(Italiano) Battesimo di Camilla

16 Sep 2016 / in Maternity, News, Portraits

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Erika + Lorenzo 30 luglio 2016…Real Wedding

14 Sep 2016 / in News, Wedding

In the fabulous Abruzzo telling the story of Erika & Lorenzo. Another Love, Another Place, another Story. Erika + Lorenzo

Ale + Massi = Sofia <3

13 Aug 2016 / in Maternity, Portraits

Ale + Massi = Sofia <3 A new story full of emotion, just a walk in the park that tells of a “waiting together”.

Beatrice + Giorgio…Real Trailer video

ritratto sposi wedding photography destination wedding photographer fotografo di matrimonio
26 Jul 2016 / in Wedding

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Valentina + Cristiano 29 giugno 2016 Real Wedding

20 Jul 2016 / in Wedding

Valentina + Cristiano Another exciting story to tell, lived in the splendid setting of Via Giulia in Rome and its surroundings. A memorable location for an unforgettable day… enjoy!