Annalisa + Jason

Wedding at Casina di Macchia Madama.
Annalisa + Jason
An intimate, exciting and elegant wedding celebrated in S. Alessio and ended with joy in the splendid Roman location of Casina di Macchia Madama.
A sweet couple, which I had the pleasure of meet this year. Annalisa, reserved and of great sensibility that left her native city Rome to move to London. Here she met his Love, Jason, a brilliant and very tender English boy. The couple chose to crown their Love's dream in Rome, a location that always adds a strong dose of poetry to each story. The day, perfectly organized by Annalisa, with Jason's technical and emotional support, took place wonderfully. A heartfelt and participating ceremony in one of the most beautiful Basilica of Rome. A photographic walk in one of the most beautiful secret garden in the capital, thanks even to a gorgeous sunset. An unforgettable party in a dreamy location, overlooking S. Peter and rooftops of Rome. Finally a lot of friends around, who were able to tell the beginning of a unique love story, with a irresistible irony in perfect "british style".
A story that has literally conquered us and that we keep in our hearts ... Enjoy!